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 ITL On Demand is a webinar program focused on important opportunities for innovation in risk management and insurance. Moderated by ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll, the webinars draw on experts from across the industry, from promising startups to the largest incumbents. Hot-button topics include blockchain, AI, telematics and IoT — and their potential to slash costs while opening new markets for companies across the insurance ecosystem.

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ITL Focus: Underwriting

This Month's Focus Topic 


The horrific combined ratios in homeowners, auto and some other lines have drawn even more attention than usual to underwriting. So this month's ITL Focus is especially timely.

To suggest some ways to improve profitability, I turned first to Jess Keeney, chief product and technology officer at Duck Creek Technologies. In our interview – which I encourage you to read in full – she talks about the importance of personalizing underwriting and says AI makes that possible in new ways. In particular, AI can pull together more data than the underwriter previously had access to, which allows for a deeper understanding of the client and of the risks. AI also can automate routine tasks, giving underwriters more time to dig deeper into an application. 


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