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The Staffing Crisis in Insurance

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ITL Focus: Workers Comp

This Month's Focus Topic 

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As though as staffing is throughout the insurance industry, the world of workers' comp has things doubly bad -- it has to deal not only with its own staffing issues but those of its clients. 

As Mark Walls, vice president of client engagement at Safety Nationa, explains in this month's interview, many companies are having to ask employees to do more to cover for gaps in staffing. Companies are also being less rigorous about pre-employement physicals and may rish people into action. The risk of injury is rising as a result. 

At the same time, workers' comp carriers and third-party administrators are having to deal with their own shortages of adjusters, nurse care managers and so on, while dealing with caregivers that are struggling to line up enough doctors and nurses. 

The result? Not pretty. 




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