ITL Partner: International Insurance Society
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ITL Partner: International Insurance Society

IIS serves as the inclusive voice of the industry, providing a platform for both private and public stakeholders to promote resilience, drive innovation, and stimulate the development of markets. The IIS membership is diverse and inclusive, with members hailing from mature and emerging markets representing all sectors of the re/insurance industry, academics, regulators and policymakers. As a non-advocative organization, the IIS serves as a neutral platform for active collaboration and examination of issues that shape the future of the global insurance industry. Its signature annual event, the Global Insurance Forum, is considered the premier industry conference and is attended by 500+ insurance leaders from around the globe.

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World Trade, Re-Globalisation, Cyber Risk, Countertrade and the Digital Barter Economy

by David Piesse, CRO, Cymar; IIS Executive Insights Cyber Expert


Global challenges demand a shift towards a circular economy and digital innovation for resilience. Collaboration is essential for navigating these complexities and fostering sustainable solutions.

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Hong Kong and Singapore Insurance Industry Outlook Report 2024

Presented by Clearwater Analytics


Discover a wide array of themes that are top of mind for insurers and insurance asset managers in 2024, including greater M&A activity, regulatory developments, solvency rules, investing strategies and associated operational complexities, technology expenditure, and technology priorities.

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Flat Worldwide Life Insurance Sales Predictable or Surprising?

by Ronald Klein, Founder, Obtutus Advisory GmbH; IIS Executive Insights Life & Health Expert.


Global life insurance sales stagnate amidst rising mortality risks and demographic changes. Annuities provide a resilient path, but overcoming customer education and upfront payments is crucial.

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Feel the Burn

Presented by RGA


Post-pandemic, more workers worldwide report suffering from burnout, and it is likely the numbers will continue to rise; employers and insurers alike must look for new ways to support those on long-term sick leave in their efforts to return to work.

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