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The Global Innovation Awards presented by the International Insurance Society and Insurance Thought Leadership celebrate the transformative power of innovation within the insurance and risk management industry. These prestigious awards recognize insurers and insurtechs who push boundaries, drive positive change, and contribute to a more sustainable society. Three winners representing three categories — Property & Casualty, Life | Health | Retirement, and Predict & Prevent — are honored annually at the Global Insurance Forum


Please check back for updates regarding the 2024 schedule in Quarter 2. Together, let's shape the future of insurance and build a resilient world.

2023 Winners

The winners of the 2023 Global Innovation Awards have been announced! Explore the exceptional companies that have been recognized for their outstanding achievements. Learn about their groundbreaking innovations and the significant impact they're making in their respective industries.



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Property & Casualty:

This award recognizes a property/casualty insurer or insurtech that has achieved a groundbreaking innovation. We seek to honor those who have demonstrated creativity, measurable impact, and a commitment to leveraging their innovation for the betterment of society. We celebrate those who push the boundaries and make a significant difference in the world of property/casualty insurance.


This award acknowledges a life, retirement, and health insurer or insurtech that has achieved a truly groundbreaking innovation. We seek to honor those who have demonstrated creativity, measurable impact, and a dedication to using their innovation for the betterment of society. We celebrate those who shape the future of Life and Retirement insurance, making a positive impact on individuals' lives and long-term financial well-being.

Predict & Prevent:

This award recognizes insurers and insurtechs that have showcased innovative ways to leverage technology in prioritizing resiliency. We seek to acknowledge those who have developed cutting-edge solutions that enhance predictive capabilities and enable effective preventive measures. By leveraging technology, these insurtechs contribute to building a more resilient future, proactively addressing risks and minimizing their impact.

What You Need to Apply

In your application, focus on the following:

  1. Briefly describe your company and project (500 words or less), highlighting the scope, goals, and the specific problems your innovation solves.

  2. Summarize the innovation's impact, creativity, and learning (500 words or less). Emphasize how it can be scaled globally and how it serves for the betterment of society.

  3. Provide measurable results that demonstrate the effectiveness of your innovation. Show tangible outcomes and the positive changes it has brought.

  4. Support your nomination with relevant materials, such as videos, photos, testimonials, presentations, media coverage, and case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the submission deadline?

Please revisit for the deadline update in the second quarter of 2024

Who may make an innovation nomination?

Any individual, team, or company can nominate an organization with the permission of the nominated company.

What do I have to do to make a nomination?

Complete the online form and submit before the deadline.

Will the application be used publicly?

Applications may be used to promote the program and encourage learnings from other organizations.

Are there fees involved?

While there are no entry fees for submissions, attending the Global Insurance Forum in person is a requirement for finalists to be considered.

Do I have to be an International Insurance Society Member to apply or receive an award?

There is no requirement that nominators or nominees be an International Insurance Society member.

If you win an award, can it be used for promotional purposes?

Winning an IIS Global Innovation Award is a great honor. The IIS will provide marketing copy and social assets to assist the winners PR efforts.