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2023 Global Innovation Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Global Innovation Awards! These exceptional companies have been recognized for their outstanding achievements, showcasing groundbreaking innovations and significant impacts within their respective industries. We extend our gratitude to all participants and invite you to discover more about these winners and their influential contributions.

Life/Health/Retirement Innovator of the Year

AIA logo

AIA is the recipient of the esteemed title of the 2023 Life/Health/Retirement Innovator of the Year, recognizing their groundbreaking contributions and transformative initiatives in the insurance domain.

AIA's Impact:

Identifying the shifting landscape of societal needs, AIA, as Asia's largest insurer, proactively addressed unprecedented wealth creation and changing consumer behaviors. This strategic approach led to the launch of the Technology, Digital, and Analytics (TDA) program in 2020, empowering AIA to become a digitally-driven insurer focused on customer-centric solutions. Through enhanced customer experiences, innovative distribution models, and personalized offerings, AIA reaffirms its commitment to improving lives and reshaping the insurance industry.

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Property & Casualty Innovator of the Year

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PAK Programs earns the prestigious title of the 2023 Property & Casualty Innovator of the Year, acknowledging their pioneering advancements and transformative strategies in the insurance landscape.

PAK Programs' Impact:

Amidst the surging frequency of catastrophic wildfires in the winery industry post the Camp Fire in 2018, PAK Programs responded by introducing groundbreaking solutions. The 2021 interactive coverage maps meticulously assess on-site risks, complemented by the pioneering Insurance Risk Assessment Drone (iRAD) technology. These innovations, coupled with the integration of 360-degree cameras and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), fortify insureds against wildfires, providing a crucial defense line in this challenging landscape.

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Predict & Prevent Innovator of the Year


Swiss Re is celebrated as the Predict & Prevent Innovator of the Year, acknowledging their groundbreaking advancements and visionary approaches in foreseeing and averting risks within the industry.

Swiss Re's Impact:

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, a globally renowned arm of Swiss Re Group, spearheads innovation within the insurance realm. Recognizing escalating interconnected risks and market challenges faced by businesses, Swiss Re developed the groundbreaking Risk Data & Services (RDS) platform. RDS revolutionizes risk management by centralizing diverse data sources, providing comprehensive risk assessments, and empowering businesses to simulate disruptions and enhance resilience across their supply chain networks.

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