August 4, 2020

Six Things Newsletter | August 4, 2020


In this week's Six Things newsletter, Paul Carroll argues that we should "Burn the Fax Machines" so both clients and companies are happier. Plus, the bigger disruptor: Lemonade or Tesla, AI in a post-pandemic future, crisis mitigation beyond COVID-19, and more.

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Burn the Fax Machines

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Here’s an analogy for you that may shed some light on how far we can still go — and must go — in smoothing our interactions with customers.

The analogy starts from the idea that, over time, every industry becomes a technology industry. That’s sometimes expressed in different ways, notably in venture capitalist Marc Andreessen’s famous line that “software is eating the world.” But the basic idea is the same: Old practices in every industry give way to the faster/better/cheaper — and sometimes very different — ways of doing business enabled by technology, and whatever companies are most adept at the technology have a major advantage.

So, here’s the analogy… continue reading >

Optimizing Care with AI in Workers Comp Claims

In workers’ compensation, we’ve all seen seemingly basic claims morph into catastrophic claims.This free on-demand webinar, sponsored by CLARA analytics, lays out a tangible solution that realizes the promise of AI.

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Bigger Disruptor: Lemonade or Tesla?
by Mark Breading

With its spectacular IPO, Lemonade has the attention of the insurance world, but Tesla may be the bigger disruptor in the long run.

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COVID: Agents’ Chance to Rethink Insurance
by Chris Burand

The COVID-19 virus has given agents a wonderful opportunity to rethink insurance in general and their operations specifically.

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AI in a Post-Pandemic Future
by George Zarkadakis

The post-COVID-19 world requires accelerated adoption of AI to deliver the efficiencies and augmentations of a highly digitized workplace.

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Winning With Smart IoT in P&C
by Brett Jurgens

What if I told you that insurers could attract customers with smart home devices that generate interaction seven to 10 times A DAY?

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Crisis Mitigation Beyond COVID-19
by Jason Verlen

Whether at small companies or in massive industries, the ability to pivot to support new ways to work is key to sustaining operations.

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Things Heating Up in Low-/No-Code
by Martin Higgins

Low-/no-code tackles three huge IT challenges: time to market for new capabilities, development capacity and managing cost.

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Underwriting Wildfire Takes Extra Care
by Monique Nelson

Insurers can’t rely on previous wildfire seasons or events, They need a more strategic approach that goes well beyond a single risk score.

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Cyber Risk Impact of Working From Home

Organizations should be checking to ensure that new modes of work aren’t compromising cyber security.

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