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Brett Jurgens

Brett Jurgens

Brett Jurgens is the CEO and co-founder of Notion, a Comcast company (acquired in 2020) empowering home and property owners to be proactive in monitoring their spaces and most valued possessions.

Through partner programs, Notion helps insurance carriers, agents and service providers provide value to their customers with Notion’s DIY smart monitoring technology.

Recent Articles by Brett Jurgens

Winning With Smart IoT in P&C

Insurance companies long for a way to attract and interact with customers, rather than just hitting customers’ bank accounts every quarter for a premium payment or re-upping a contract at the end of the year. What if I told you that insurers could attract customers with smart home devices that generate interaction seven to 10 […]

Welcome to New IoT: ‘Insurance of Things’

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new concept for most people. The term, and the industry, have gained relevance through wearables like FitBit, and IoT’s presence in the home is slowly starting to become more mainstream (though the concept has been around for decades, especially in the industrial space). In the last five years, […]

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