Jason Verlen

Jason Verlen

Jason Verlen is senior vice president of products and technology at CCC.

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A Vision for 2028, Powered by Telematics

It’s 2028. The world’s population stands at more than 8 billion. In the past decade, we’ve added a billion people, and we’re living in a hyper-connected world. Our smart tools are diagnosing a growing number of conditions—taking your pulse and counting steps was just the beginning; the smart tools of 2028 detect all kinds of […]

Why AI IS All It’s Cracked Up to Be

A lot of people are talking about the promise of artificial intelligence (AI), and some say it’s too early to evaluate its long-term impact. I disagree. I believe we need to evaluate AI’s value now, because it’s already beginning to fundamentally change the way auto insurers do business. A sweeping statement, perhaps, but there’s a […]

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