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Monique Nelson

Monique Nelson

Monique Nelson has an extensive background serving the insurance industry, with 11 years in various business development roles at both SpatialKey and CoreLogic.

Nelson holds a masters degree in actuarial science from Boston University.

She currently runs SpatialKey’s partnership program as director of data product management.

Recent Articles by Monique Nelson

Underwriting Wildfire Takes Extra Care

This is part 2 in a series. You can find part 1 published here. An increasingly volatile recipe of climate change and urbanization means that the past is no longer representative of the future when it comes to wildfire risk. Insurers can’t rely on previous wildfire seasons or events to inform future strategy. Just as […]

How to Operationalize Hazard Data

This is the second in a series. The first article can be found here. Our industry is facing a major problem related to hazard data: More hazard and event data providers are producing higher-resolution footprints for a larger number of catastrophic events than ever before. All this data is difficult (and, in some cases, impossible) […]

Disparate Systems Kill Response Time

The ecosystem of hazard models and data is rapidly expanding, and this is exciting news for the P&C industry. But with all the hazard data that is being generated, especially during catastrophic events like hurricane and wildfire, comes the need for a more streamlined way to access it. Data quality and modeling is continually improving—more accuracy, […]

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