July ITL Focus: Operational Efficiency

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This month's focus is Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency


Jamie Yoder, the president and general manager of Sapiens North America, jokes that driverless vehicles are no big deal. The Amish had them decades ago, he says. A farmer would get drunk and fall asleep on the bench at the front of his cart, and his horse would eventually start trotting and take him home.

Jamie would know. Even though he now runs the North America operations of a major provider of software products and tools and has made a career out of digital technology, he grew up in an Amish community.

I've heard that joke a few times because I've known Jamie since 1996, when we met via Diamond Technology Partners, where we were partners. I've heard a few other stories, too, because Jamie has been my go-to on lots of insurance-related subjects as he became the insurance practice leader at PwC (which bought Diamond in 2010) and then the president at Snapsheet, an insurtech that has been an innovator in claims management, even before taking on his senior role at Sapiens.

But I've not heard from Jamie -- or anyone else -- as broad and crisp a description of the opportunities that ChatGPT and other generative AI models present for insurers as what Jamie said in this month's interview. He doesn't stop with the opportunities for operational efficiencies, either, even though that is the topic for this month's ITL Focus. He lays out a whole host of very specific opportunities but also sets them within a broader framework that can lead to a long-term competitive advantage. 

The key, Jamie says, is to not just change but to change how you change.

That's even more important than having a horse that knows the way home. I hope you'll check out this month's interview.



For this month’s ITL Focus, on operational efficiency, ITL Editor-in-Chief talked with an old friend and colleague, Jamie Yoder. Jaime is the president and general manager for Sapiens North America, which provides software tools that help insurers transform their businesses.

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"When I look at generative AI, I like the notion of it as a copilot. With every task, it can almost be like having somebody there helping you. This is low-hanging fruit. The AI allows you to do the tasks you do every day, but much better and much more readily.

— Jamie Yoder
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