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Marty Ellingsworth

Marty Ellingsworth

Marty Ellingsworth is a senior analyst at Celent.

Prior to joining Celent, he was an executive at USAA focusing on advanced analytics and machine learning. Before USAA, he held significant roles as a consultant, as the founder of a venture-backed insurtech text analytics startup, as an insurance carrier leader with Fireman’s Fund, and as a vendor executive for innovation at Verisk Analytics (also known as ISO). His earlier career included roles in healthcare and in the United States Air Force.

Ellingsworth’s research focuses on helping insurance companies build data-driven, customer-centric digital enterprises. He does this by finding more and better data, creating smarter and more accurate analytics and developing faster to real-time decision making solutions. His passion is to permit ease of doing business with value-priced accurate risk management. He has a special interest in customer=centricity and how risk and financial products fit actual living situations at home and on the job.

He has a bachelor of science in operations research from the U.S. Air Force Academy and a master of science degree in operations research from the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Recent Articles by Marty Ellingsworth

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A new computer algorithm has just written the world’s funniest joke.… [Punchline at the bottom.] During the last year, rapid advances in data, AI, and cloud solutions have accelerated, and a portfolio of AI assets is making everything more DIY than ever before. More customers are more satisfied, while expenses go down and profits go […]

Rise of ‘Product-ism,’ Fall of ‘Project-ism’

When it comes to AI, machine learning and advanced analytics, there is one undeniable conclusion: You need to get there now. The biggest risk in AI today is not implementing AI. Data can stream from devices, channels, exchanges and other points of origin (e.g., phones, drones, homes, vehicles, inspectors, adjusters, etc.) both continuously and on […]

UBI Market Doubles, Reaches a Milestone

A recent report from Towers Watson shows that the world is making steady progress toward usage-based insurance (UBI). That steady growth is poised to become explosive if insurers can move faster and deal with privacy concerns while delivering UBI via smartphone apps that consume little of the battery’s charge. The report says market penetration has nearly doubled […]

The $22 Billion of Auto Premiums That Will Disappear

Many drivers are angry. They only drive a little but don’t save a lot on their auto insurance. When customers get angry, they start to shop. And when low-mile customers start to shop, they will soon find companies offering new, risk-based policies that reward them with low prices in return for their smaller exposure to […]

Phone’s New Trick: Cheap Car Insurance

In the last decade, pilots and trials of telematics have eked out only single-digit adoption rates for usage-based insurance (UBI) among drivers, but the opportunity is now here for a breakthrough. All that is required is a smartphone. To date, buying insurance based on actual, verified miles driven has involved installing expensive and privacy-invading tracking […]

Carriers Want Loyalty but Haven’t Earned It

Informed risk-taking is what insurance underwriting is all about. It is also how consumers and business owners navigate every financial decision every day — including whether to stick with their insurance carrier. Insurers often mistake in-force retention for “customer loyalty,” when the reality may be that a customer is actively shopping for better value. You cannot […]

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