Six Things Newsletter | October 12, 2021

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll highlights a heyday for independent agents. Plus, striking the perfect balance on AI; the case for cloud computing; why insurers will turn to sonic branding; and more.


A Heyday for Independent Agents

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

At Insuretech Connect last week in Las Vegas, I was struck by all the love being shown for independent agents. Weren’t insurtechs supposed to disintermediate agents and put them out of business, not fall all over themselves to provide the best technology, the best service and the best anything else that agents could want?

How times have changed.

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Striking the Perfect Balance on AI
by Heather Wilson

As insurance executives plan their AI investments, here are some best practices that will help to ensure successful business outcomes.

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The Case for Cloud Computing
by Ravi Krishnan

Growing ransomware attacks should be the weight that tips the scales in favor of the cloud, where much greater cybersecurity is possible.

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The Right Way to Engage Customers

Sponsored by Statflo

The right way to engage with customers is, of course, whatever they say it is – which likely means much more texting than you’re doing now.

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Is Your Approach to ESG Creating Risk?
by Pamela Davis

Taking any stance on social or environmental concerns requires an organization-wide approach to think about nearly every aspect of the business.

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Why Insurers Will Turn to Sonic Branding
by Michele Arnese

Building sound and music into digital services and marketing will make brands recognizable, reassuring, trusted and appreciated.

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Fried Chicken and Customer Loyalty
by Bill Wilson

Customer loyalty, and thus retention and profitability, isn’t driven by cheap prices, AI bots, big data or nifty phone apps.

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Optimizing Surgical Outcomes
by Calvin E. Beyer and Brand Newland

Innovative providers have distinguished themselves with Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols.

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Making the World More Resilient

In this webinar, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll sits down with Chris Wei, Chairman of the Executive Council of the International Insurance Society and a longtime senior executive at Aviva. In advance of the IIS annual forum on Sept. 27-29, they explore how the industry can help drive a sustainable global recovery.  

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OCTOBER FOCUS: Catastrophic Weather

In the face of catastrophic weather, insurers are doing what insurers do: helping identify, quantify and mitigate the risks, while making customers whole when disasters strike.

They are also increasingly digging further into the roots of the problem. As you’ll see in the articles we’ve highlighted for this month, insurers are focusing more on how to raise the alarm about climate change and on how to make the world more resilient in the face of the challenges that we face today and that are surely coming.

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