Six Things: January 11, 2021

How Important Is the Human Touch Really? Plus, consumers wary of AI-driven insurance; commercial insurers shift tech priorities; 3 key themes for check-ins with clients and more.


How Important Is the Human Touch Really?

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

While ITL serves as a platform for the varied insights and opinions of others, they tend to coalesce around certain themes: on the need to innovate, on the importance of moving faster than the industry historically has, etc. It’s not often that I see articles with almost opposite points of view, let alone have them arrive on top of each other, but that’s what occurred with two of the six articles I highlight below.

One argues that the human touch is overrated these days, that what clients really want is much more ability to self-service. The other says, among many other things, that “two in three consumers are resistant to the idea of purchasing insurance or filing claims on a website or app without speaking to a human being.”

Who’s right, and who’s wrong? Well, I have my own opinion on that.

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Human Touch: How Crucial Is It Really?
by Jeff Kroeger

According to Gartner Predicts, today’s customers manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.

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Consumers Wary of AI-Driven Insurance
by Pat Howard

83% of consumers wouldn’t feel comfortable if their home, auto, or renters insurance claim was reviewed exclusively by artificial intelligence.

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Sponsored by Intellect SEEC

In this webinar, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll sits down with Jim McKenney, chief strategy officer and products business head at Intellect SEEC, and Sandeep Tandon, CTO of Intellect SEEC.

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What Is 988? Future of Crisis Services
by Sally Spencer-Thomas

There will soon be a three-digit hotline for mental health emergencies -- 988 -- that will greatly simplify and improve assistance.

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Commercial Insurers Shift Tech Priorities
by Heather Turner

13 “transformational” technologies, working with foundational technologies, are moving the industry into the new digital-connected era.

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3 Key Themes for Check-ins With Clients
by Peter McMurtrie

A national survey finds business owners want easy claims processes, need help with risk management and value guidance from agents.

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How Fort Worth Drove Down WC Costs…
by Scott Roloff, Bill McCallum, Jody Moses and Mark Barta

... while improving care for employees. The secret? The city sent them to the best doctors.

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The Virtual Insurance Agent

Sponsored by Creative Virtual 

With conversational AI, insurance companies can deliver easier and more convenient digital support to customers, improve agent experience and productivity, and reduce contact center traffic.

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December Focus: Smart Home

"Even before a commercial version of the internet browser was invented in the early 1990s, the rich, geeky types I dealt with in my travels at the Wall Street Journal were figuring out ways to wire their homes to ward off possible intruders."

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Global Insurance Forum Experts Series  

Sponsored by International Insurance Society 

Over this six-part series, hear from industry leaders about building an innovation culture, leveraging data for success, and more.

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