Six Things Newsletter | September 14, 2021

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll looks for opportunity in the talent crisis. Plus, embedded insurance reaches tipping point; growing number of uninsurable risks; climate change and product liability risks; and more.

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll looks for opportunity in the talent crisis. Plus, embedded insurance reaches tipping point; growing number of uninsurable risks; climate change and product liability risks; and more.

The Talent Crisis — and Opportunity

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

A recent survey by PwC found that nearly two-thirds of employees in the U.S., including executives, are looking for a new job. That number is stunning.

It suggests that insurers need to play some serious defense, to keep employees happy and on board and to keep competitors from poaching talent. But it also illuminates an opportunity to play offense. If lots of employees are looking for a new position, then, by all means, let’s go get the best we can.

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Embedded Insurance Reaches Tipping Point
by Meitav Harpaz

Embedded insurance is the way forward for many online businesses to offer confidence to consumers in these uncertain times.

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Growing Number of Uninsurable Risks
by Barry Rabkin

Uninsurability of certain risks has been happening more frequently over the decades -- and cyber risks look like they may not be insurable.

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Climate Change and Product Liability
by Christopher McKeon

Climate change risk is emerging within the product liability discipline in a pattern seen previously with mass tort litigation.

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Digitizing Reshapes Home Insurance
by George Hosfield

A survey of the top 50 U.S. property insurance carriers shows how digital disruption, innovation and the pandemic are affecting the industry.

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Blockchain Smooths Subrogation
by Sanjeev Chaudhry

Blockchain is poised to rewrite the rules of competition in subrogation by streamlining operations, enabling data to be shared seamlessly.

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Time to Rethink the Approach to Risk?
by Bethany Greenwood

A major survey finds that the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have transformed business leaders’ views and expectations of insurance.

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Minimize Fraud, Lower False Positive Rates and Increase Automation for Low Value High Volume Claims Using Halo Based AI

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Resilience Ratings: Triple-I Unveils Way to Measure Communities’ Risk Levels

Peter Drucker once famously said that “what gets measured gets managed,” and the Insurance Information Institute is unveiling measures for U.S. communities’ resilience against natural disasters. In this webinar, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll and the Triple-I’s senior economist, Michel Leonard, discuss what the measures cover, how individuals and communities can use them and where the Triple-I will take them from here.

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"...It seems to me that the lines will increasingly blur between life insurance and financial management, given that life insurance is an important financial asset; people often think about their finances, and life insurance can become a natural part of that focus. I could also see the trend toward embedded insurance expanding the life insurance market — why couldn’t a term life policy be, for instance, embedded in a mortgage when someone buys a building, to make sure the purchase is secure even if something happens to the buyer?

Over the years, I’ve had people tell me life insurance is boring. I don’t see it that way at all."

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