Six Things Newsletter | March 30, 2021

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll argues for a return to the too-often-neglected discipline of scenario planning. Plus, pioneering use cases for IoT in insurance; insurance ecosystems: opportunity knocks; unlocking the power of 'no-code'; and more.

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll argues for a return to the too-often-neglected discipline of scenario planning. Plus, pioneering use cases for IoT in insurance; insurance ecosystems: opportunity knocks; unlocking the power of 'no-code'; and more.

Heading Off Surprises

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Who had “giant cargo ship” on their bingo card for possible disasters at the start of 2021? What about “derecho in Iowa” in 2020? “Global pandemic” at the outset of 2020?

Few of us foresaw any of those specific disasters. I certainly didn’t. I didn’t even know what a derecho was until the massive wind storm whacked Iowa, causing $7.5 billion of damages and some $5 billion of claims against insurers — more damage than in most hurricanes.

But some at least entertained such possibilities. And it’s time that we all broadened our thinking by returning to the too-often-neglected discipline of scenario planning... continue reading >

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Pioneering Use Cases for IoT in Insurance
by Matteo Carbone

Several early adopters of the IoT have already concretely demonstrated the potential of using this technology in the insurance sector.

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Insurance Ecosystems: Opportunity Knocks
by Marie Carr

Insurers must apply unfamiliar skills – customer intelligence, speed and coordination – but can achieve benefits of scale without asset intensity.

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How to Combat the Surge in Ransomware
sponsored by Tokio Marine HCC - Cyber & Professional Lines Group

Insurers can help clients protect themselves -- but preventive approaches aren't yet widely implemented.

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COVID-19 Is NOT an Occupational Disease
by Mark Walls

If workers’ comp becomes responsible for common conditions that affect millions every year, it is no longer meeting its designed purpose.

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Unlocking the Power of ‘No-Code’
by Farooq Sheikh

We've all seen how complex and costly enterprise software can be. "No-code" tools let non-experts quickly build the systems they need.

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Key to Better CX: Think Like NTSB
by Jon Picoult

Airlines are rarely held up as exemplars of customer experience, but in one important respect the industry deserves such recognition.

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Tip the Sales Scale in Your Favor
by Kevin Trokey

Yes, relationships matter, but they're only a tiebreaker. The key lies elsewhere. And, no, it shouldn't take two to three years to develop a client.

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March's Topic: Strategic Innovation

Strategy is what you don’t do.

That was the dictum of the late, great Mel Bergstein, who way back in 1994 founded the pioneering digital strategy firm Diamond Management & Technology Consultants. (It became part of PwC in 2010.) I heard Mel’s line a lot, as a partner with Diamond from 1996 through 2003, and I think his are words to live by in the insurance industry these days.

Everyone seems to have gotten the memo about the need to digitize insurance and to explore innovative ideas, but the present typically creates a real drag that slows movement toward the future.

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