7 Key Business Objectives You’ll Meet with Cloud Adoption

This latest eBook from ITL Partner, OneShield, illustrates the benefits of cloud adoption and the innovative initiatives it enables.

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One of the greatest concerns to surface from our State of Technology survey in 2022 pertained to infrastructure and keeping up with innovation. In response, this eBook illustrates the benefits of cloud adoption and the innovative initiatives it enables. Supported by findings from key industry analysts and internal experts here at OneShield, these insights speak to insurers of all sizes – and stages of maturity.

Who should read this?

If you’re interested in reducing infrastructure costs, enhancing internal efficiencies, gaining economies of scale, obtaining configuration control, and more, this eBook is for you.

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Sponsored by ITL Partner: OneShield

ITL Partner: OneShield

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ITL Partner: OneShield

OneShield provides business solutions for P&C insurers and MGAs of all sizes. 

OneShield's cloud-based and SaaS platforms include enterprise-level policy management, billing, claims, rating, relationship management, product configuration, business intelligence, and smart analytics. 

Designed specifically for personal, commercial, and specialty insurance, our solutions support over 80 lines of business. OneShield's clients, some of the world's leading insurers, benefit from optimized workflows, pre-built content, seamless upgrades, collaborative implementations, and pricing models designed to lower the total cost of ownership. 

Our global footprint includes corporate headquarters in Marlborough, MA, with additional offices throughout India.

For more information, visit www.OneShield.com

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What's Driving Innovation for 2023?

Respondents of our 2022 Insurer Tech Survey, reported that their biggest challenges include keeping up with innovation, having sufficient IT resources and staffing to implement critical strategies, and limitations of infrastructure to address new opportunities. We've just launched our 2023 Insurer Innovation Survey, and it's a great opportunity to share your perspectives and predictions – and gain immediate access to the aggregated responses from your peers as they unfold. Please share your outlook today!

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Closing the Gaps: Expanding your technology ecosystem

The right strategic approach to technology ecosystems brings competitive advantages to forward-looking insurers. Learn how to creatively leverage third-party applications to enhance customer and agent experiences, enable automation, predictive risk modeling, and more.

  • The role of the digital platform in creating a unique market advantage
  • How digital leaders integrate ecosystem partners to engage customers, extend distribution and develop new business models
  • How nimble players get to market faster with innovative capabilities and products
  • Mission-critical APIs for success in 2022
  • Security and vetting consideration for potential third-party solutions

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