Six Things Newsletter | October 5, 2021

This week, Paul Carroll recaps the 2021 Global Insurance Forum. Plus, future of work and collaboration; state of the insurance marketplace; underwriting in the digital age; and more.


Powering the Recovery

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

At last week’s Global Insurance Forum, Swiss Re Group CEO Christian Mumenthaler said the industry has been in a sort of hibernation for the past year and a half to two years, in terms of big deals and bold moves – but is about to wake up.

“I think we’re in for a very interesting two or three years, with lots of change in the industry,” he said at the virtual event, “Powering Recovery,” held by the International Insurance Society.

Roy Gori, CEO of Manulife, said insurance has “an opportunity to change the paradigm of how people think about our industry.” He described the opportunity as “once-in-a-lifetime.”

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New Research

Read the latest report from SMA to better understand the pain points and opportunities in underwriting and how Majesco’s Digital Underwriter360 for P&C revolutionizes the industry. 

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Future of Work and Collaboration
by Stephen Applebaum and Alan Demers

Work will never resemble what it did in the past, and there will be no “all clear” signaling the end of the pandemic.

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State of the Insurance Marketplace
by Kimberly George and Mark Walls

In the face of rapid change, what are the implications? And what risks should organizations be prepared for?

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The Right Way to Engage Customers

Sponsored by Statflo

The right way to engage with customers is, of course, whatever they say it is – which likely means much more texting than you’re doing now.

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Underwriting in the Digital Age
by Denise Garth

Only 25% of an underwriter’s day is spent on selling and broker engagement. They are spending entirely too much time on non-sales work.

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Blockchain: The Next Big Thing
by Robin Westcott

Blockchain technology has game-changing implications for data sharing and how we underwrite, determine loss-costs and more.

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It’s Not Human Vs. Machine; It’s PLUS
by Dave Ovenden

What is right for your business, and where do you strike the balance between people-focused and automated processes?

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Driving the New Standard in Insurance
by  Jeff Wargin

Over 90% of respondents felt the insurance industry could increase its relevance and grow faster than inflation and the general economy.

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Minimize Fraud, Lower False Positive Rates and Increase Automation for Low Value High Volume Claims Using Halo Based AI

Sponsored by Daisy Intelligence

This whitepaper explains how using Halo-based AI minimizes insurance fraud, increases automation, lowers false-positive rates and delivers excellent financial results.

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Making the World More Resilient

In this webinar, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll sits down with Chris Wei, Chairman of the Executive Council of the International Insurance Society and a longtime senior executive at Aviva. In advance of the IIS annual forum on Sept. 27-29, they explore how the industry can help drive a sustainable global recovery.  

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OCTOBER FOCUS: Catastrophic Weather

In the face of catastrophic weather, insurers are doing what insurers do: helping identify, quantify and mitigate the risks, while making customers whole when disasters strike.

They are also increasingly digging further into the roots of the problem. As you’ll see in the articles we’ve highlighted for this month, insurers are focusing more on how to raise the alarm about climate change and on how to make the world more resilient in the face of the challenges that we face today and that are surely coming.

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