Poem on Insurance and Humanity

"Marketing is feckless/Everything is "pay less"/Payment is money-less;/Is the value worth less?"

Dentistry was painless, And bicycles were chainless, Carriages were horseless And many laws enforceless. Then, cooking was fireless, Radio was wireless, Cigars were nicotineless, And coffee caffeineless. Soon, oranges were seedless, The putting green was weedless, Men were going hatless, The proper diet fatless. New paved roads are dustless, The latest steel is rustless, Our tennis courts are sodless, And new religions godless. Marketing is feckless -- Everything is "pay less" -- Payment is money-less; Is the value worth less? Internet access is endless, Display screens are CRT-less. Online storage is diskless, And tech support is faceless Insurance policies are paperless, Policy exclusions are defenseless, Underwriting is relentless -- Has insurance become humanless?

Chet Gladkowski

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Chet Gladkowski

Chet Gladkowski is an adviser for GoKnown.com which delivers next-generation distributed ledger technology with E2EE and flash-trading speeds to all internet-enabled devices, including smartphones, vehicles and IoT.


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