Leap Year Season 2, Episode 10 - How To Bite

The thrill of entrepreneurship is found in this: no matter how high the next hill is to climb, if you believe, work hard and get the right support, you can make it to the top.|

Leap Year Season 2: Episode 10 by Mashable

Now this is where the C3D team is at their best – all working together against a common (and real) foe.  It’s all a team effort, so when Aaron neglects his critical task to try and make up with Lisa, his good old slacker/turncoat/thief brother is there to make sure Andy Corvell gets his come-uppance in front of the appreciating crowd.  Andy told Bryn that he stole their prototypes, drained their bank account and created a fake competitor to “teach them a lesson.” Turns out this was a lesson that went both ways: C3D learned to think quickly on their feet and Corvell learned that sometimes there are actual, real-life consequences to his actions. Operation Revenge was a winner, but not because Corvell was led out of the auditorium by Detective Doyle.  That was sweet, but the positive feedback from the crowd, the many business cards from VCs Jack had in his wallet afterwards and, most importantly, Glenn Cheeky’s kiss of success are what will make a difference in the long run. The product launch was their graduation from a start-up into an all grown up business.  So, what’s next? First, they need to keep spreading the word through PR and social media.  The reporters won’t always be there and it’s now up to C3D to keep their company and product top of mind.  Which leads nicely into their second task. Second, C3D needs to keep influencing the influencers.  A positive Tweet or blog post by a tech industry thought leader could be the key to C3D’s commercial success. Sending free C3D conferencing systems to some top Silicon Valley media and investors would be a nice start. Finally, they need to define the C3D brand in the marketplace.  This is about meaning something specific to the right people, not everything to everybody.  People like to hide behind texts these days, how can C3D get them to invite their friends and family around the world into their living room via hologram? It’s been great to see C3D roll with the punches, keep finding new ways forward and never lose their will – just like thousands of successful startups have before them.  This season both the team and the business matured into better versions of themselves.  Their next step will be no easier - going from concept, to reality, to actual commercial success.  And that’s the thrill of entrepreneurship, no matter how high the next hill is to climb, if you believe, work hard and get the right support, you can make it to the top.

Hunter Hoffman

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Hunter Hoffmann is head of U.S. communications at Hiscox and is responsible for media relations, social media, internal communications and executive messaging. He joined Hiscox in August 2010 and has a B.A. from Trinity College (CT) and an M.B.A. from Cornell University.


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