Leap Year Season 2, Episode 9 - What We're Capable

Professional liability insurance covers a small business for potential errors from employee acts.|

Leap Year Season 2: Episode 9 by Mashable Well, that didn’t work out exactly as they planned. Bryn’s power move to kidnap June Pepper and get her to divulge the location of their prototypes didn’t get them any closer to the truth.  Turns out, all this time they were fighting a mirage – Livefye was a fake company offering fake competition.  A real life play for the sole enjoyment of Mr. Corvel. What can you do when you’ve been played like a puppet, but turn the game on the puppeteer himself? Now that Bryn’s death threat got his attention, it’s up to Jack to use his silver tongue to get Corvel where they want him – at their impending product launch.  As Jack sits down for an extended heart to heart with Corvel, Olivia and Derek (welcome back!) play cat robbers looking for those elusive stolen prototypes.  The Machiavellian Corvel is surprised to hear C3D and Livefy have merged, since the other company doesn’t exist, but seems happy to hear Bryn is on track with the prototypes. After fighting each other and their imaginary competition for the last few months, the only thing that really matters for C3D is whether their product will be ready for the launch.  This is where Corvel might have actually helped them with his creative destruction methods.  Not only does Bryn have the new prototypes almost ready, but she found a bug in the original code that Sergei designed for the $500,000 competition orchestrated by Corvel last year – this guy really likes to pull people’s strings. That bug could have really come back to bite C3D once their product hit the market.  But, their professional liability insurance would cover them for Sergei’s error, or potential errors from other past acts of employees.  It doesn’t seem like they’re in control of much right now, but that’s something they can take into their own hands. Predictions for the finale?  Next week C3D is settling all family business and I have a feeling a few more surprises are in store for Mr. Corvel, Detective Doyle and anybody else who doubted their will to succeed. “Pepper Out”.

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