Six Things: May 3rd, 2022

AI's Cool New Trick. Plus, In Competition for Top Talent, Innovation Matters; How to Preempt Disinformation; Top Brokers Advantage; and more.


AI's Cool New Trick

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

One of my lingering misgivings from my days as a reporter at the Wall Street Journal concerns the role I played in unleashing PowerPoint on the world. 

I was just doing my job. Honest. Like all good journalists, I was at the bar, at a conference in the spring of 1987, when a consultant I knew introduced me to one of the two founders of a startup that was about to unveil PowerPoint. The demo he showed me was intriguing, and the prospects for the product checked out with a number of smart folks I interviewed at the conference, so I wrote about it. 

Next thing you know, Microsoft buys the startup, and we're all awash in bullet points and so many fonts and type sizes that presentations may look like ransom notes.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the latest advancement in visual presentations, an artificial intelligence that lets you generate an image based on a single sentence -- for instance, the AI produced the image above based on the prompt, "astronaut riding a horse in a photorealistic style." 

I can't guarantee that problems won't eventually arise with this technology, too, but at least it'll be a lot more fun than fussing with PowerPoint templates. 

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In Competition for Top Talent, Innovation Matters
by Tom Warden

People want to do work that is interesting and purposeful. They value an organizational culture that places a premium on creativity, thought leadership and innovation.

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How to Reduce Distracted Driving
by Adam Pichon

Few drivers are aware that texting while traveling at 55mph is the equivalent of driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed.

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The Future of Work 

Wednesday, May 4th at 1:00 pm EDT
Sponsored by JobsOhio 

As employees start to return to work after two years of mostly working remotely, smart employers are rethinking just about all aspects of how work is done to get the best of both the home and office worlds. 

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How to Preempt Disinformation
by Vivek Wadhwa

Just as the U.S. spends hundreds of billions on warships and planes, it should invest in an information warfare machine focused on continually preempting disinformation.

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Top Brokers' Advantage
by L.S. Ram

For brokerages that intend to participate in fast-emerging opportunities, the future is now. It’s time to carpe diem. 

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Time to Embrace AI in Climate Change Fight
by Andrew Yeoman

We often think about climate change in the long term. It's easy to forget that we already live with the consequences of unchecked climate change today.

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Lessons From Travel Insurance
by Ryan Brubaker

When done correctly, technology is as transparent as it is critical. When implemented poorly, it's like begging your customers to look elsewhere for services.

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Oliver Wyman: Reset4Value Series 

Drive the next wave of growth 
Sponsored by Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman’s Reset4Value approach helps insurers transform cost and ignite growth. Our insight shares how leaders can leverage their firm’s culture strengths, enhance the capabilities that matter most, and unlock scarce investment dollars to fund them appropriately.

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April Focus: Automation and RPA

Sometimes, innovation takes time.  

Some 30 years ago, I wrote an article for the front page of the second section of the Wall Street Journal that declared a revolution in forms. We were far enough along in the personal computer revolution that software companies were coming out with products that would let users fill out forms on-screen, speeding the process and eliminating the errors that occurred as someone had to interpret people's handwriting. Even more magical, the spread of local area networks meant that information could flow straight from my screen into a corporate database, with no never to ever print the form and have someone re-enter the data. . 

Everything I wrote was correct, and forms did take a major step forward, but, here we are three decades later, still drowning in forms. And the insurance industry is Exhibit A. 

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Winning the War for Talent 

Thursday, April, 28th at 1 pm EDT
Sponsored by PwC

This webinar tackles a key issue -- maybe the key issue -- facing the insurance industry: How can we attract, train and retain the talent that we need and that the industry's mission merits.

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