The Virtual Insurance Agent

In this whitepaper, we explore how conversational AI can create a better customer experience, improve agent productivity, reduce contact center traffic, and more.


The sky is the limit for conversational AI.

Companies worldwide will spend more than $400 billion on call centers in 2022, and insurance companies will be among the big spenders – all to deliver an experience to customers that no one would consider optimal.

Customers are frustrated at all the forms they need to fill out as they deal with insurers and all the paper they need to shuttle around. They bristle when they deal with one part of the company and then find they have to start over when dealing with another, or when they get one sort of communication from, say, an agent that feels and sounds very different from what they hear and receive from a rep in a call center.

Fortunately, a form of artificial intelligence known as conversational AI is allowing companies to greatly improve the customer experience while slashing costs.



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Creative Virtual

Creative Virtual is a conversational AI leader recognized in the industry for our nearly two decades of experience and unmatched expertise. Our innovative V-Person™ virtual agent, chatbot, and live chat solutions bring together humans and AI to deliver seamless, personalized, and scalable digital support for customers, employees, and contact center agents. Leading global organizations rely on our award-winning technology and expert consultation to improve their support experience, reduce costs, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. Our global team and extensive partner network support installs around the world in over 37 languages, providing both localized collaboration and international insights.

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