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Agent and Brokers Commentary: September 2022 

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As the momentum for "embedded insurance" has built in recent years, I assumed it would mark yet another attempt to cut agents and brokers out of the sales process. So I was intrigued when, in this month's interview, the director of agency accounts at Clearcover suggested embedded insurance could actually mark an opportunity for agents and brokers.

Clearcover's Kaitlyn Taylor said that the insurtech is working to help agents and brokers remain part of the process even if someone who is, say, buying a car is prompted to purchase auto insurance while at a dealership. The buyer could be presented with a QR code, for instance, that would steer the insurance purchase through an agent, or some other link could be provided. 

Lots of details remain to be worked out, so the customer could both get the convenience of buying insurance while it is top of mind, without having to reenter all sorts of personal and financial information, and get the comfort of dealing with an agent on any questions, both during the sales process and during the relationship that follows. Commissions will, of course, have to be resolved, too, based on who gets credit for initiating the sale and who services the customer and policy from then on. 

So, Taylor cautioned that the work at Clearcover is in its very early stages. Still, I found the notion intriguing.

People keep trying to disintermediate agents and brokers... and keep failing.



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