3 Great Apps for Insurance Agents

Even the best agents need something to make their jobs easier. Here are three mobile apps that have proven very popular.

Insurance agents know that selling insurance is unlike selling anything else. Selling insurance means selling trust, selling promises and selling ideas. As an insurance agent, you know your clients trust your expertise and expect you to have their best interests at heart. But even the best agents need something to make their jobs easier. That something, a lot of insurance professionals find, can be mobile applications. Here are three that have proven very popular: 1. DocuSign The insurance industry still relies on a lot of paperwork. And it requires both insurance professionals and clients to sign a lot of documents. This is why the DocuSign app deserves a place on this list. It’s an e-signature app that you can use to sign documents online with your mobile device. Statistics also show that a large number of insurance companies use e-signatures to sell their products. So, an app that makes this possible ought to be pretty useful for insurance professionals like yourself. Here are some benefits of this app: Sign legal documents immediately:  Any online documents can be signed and delivered in minutes instead of days. Go completely paperless: With this app, you can send documents to be signed any time without having to rely on manual means to do so. Available for different mobile platforms: The DocuSign app can be downloaded for free on iPad, iPhone, Windows and Android devices. See also: Will Policies Break Down Into Apps?   2. Go For an insurance agent to succeed, he needs to know more than his clients do. In the case of car insurance, this can be information about legalities or current deals that are available for clients based on their current situations. However, comparing insurance is a hassle that even the most experienced insurance agent want to skip. This is why the Go car insurance app on iTunes deserves a place on this list. This app can help agents like yourself find the best car insurance for clients in seconds 60 seconds. The best part is that it can help you find packages that can actually save your clients money. Here are other benefits: Chat with a seasoned expert: Even insurance agents who go solo need advice from professionals who have been in the industry for a while. With the Go app, you can chat with agents who can give you tips on getting cheaper rates for your clients. Why you should get it: The Go app was developed for the iPhone 6 Plus, SE, iOS 9 and even the Apple Watch. Reviews rave about the app’s easy-to-use interface. 3. CamScanner Looking for the right financial packages and drafting agreements sometimes requires insurance agents to pore over countless technical and legal documents. With this app in your smartphone, you can capture images of documents like insurance agreements, policies and any other documents. You can: Scan on the go: Think of CamScanner like a mini scanner that you can carry around with you and use whenever you come across an interesting document that can help you service your clients. Convert images to PDF files: To email documents, you have to scan them first. And the whole process becomes incredibly tedious if you have to scan several documents at once or do so countless times. Just take a picture of the document you want to scan, use auto cropping to remove unused edges and use the auto enhancing feature to make the image sharper. Then convert into a PDF file and share the file with clients or colleagues. Get crystal-clear documents: The app takes pretty clear and crisp images that don’t blur even when you zoom into them. It has five enhancement modes that you can use to customize your scans and make them look more professional. With this app, the scanning process is reduced to a few taps on your smartphone. It has options that allow users to send scanned documents via email and social media and to even upload them on third-party cloud services. See also: 5 Insurance Apps to Download Today   The proliferation of mobile tools is having a huge impact on business, and these three apps will help.

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