September 1, 2020

Six Things Newsletter | Sept 1, 2020


A Lesson from Hurricane Laura? Plus, 3 Big Opportunities from AI and ML; How CISOs are Responding to COVID; New Sense of Urgency on Going Digital; COVID-19: What Buyers Want to Know; Payments at the Speed of Light; and The Missing Tool for Cyber Resilience.

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A Lesson From Hurricane Laura?

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Although 2020 kept dishing out pain last week — the pandemic, the economic crisis, the protests and counter-protests on racism, our crazy politics and even wildfires and hurricanes — one event wasn’t as absolutely awful as it could have been.

It was still awful: Hurricane Laura caused billions of dollars of damage and killed 14 people in Louisiana and Texas. But the hurricane didn’t cause nearly as much damage as initially feared.

That suggests that people are starting to take the sorts of precautions that will be increasingly important as we have to adapt to the changing climate. Those precautionary principles also represent a key opportunity in front of the insurance industry: to go from indemnifying customers after a loss to helping them avoid those losses in the first place… continue reading >

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3 Big Opportunities From AI and ML
by Garret Viggers

Machine learning can speed underwriting while reducing costs and providing valuable information on why certain proposals fail.

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How CISOs Are Responding to COVID
by Mike Convertino

77% of chief information security officers identified incidents that they feel they need cyber coverage for and report being unable to get it.

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COVID-19: What Buyers Want Now
by Helene Kubon Skulstad and Juneen Belknap

Insurers must examine customer pain points and life changes and accelerate digital adoption.

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Winning With Smart IoT in P&C

Brett Jurgens, CEO and co-founder

What if I told you that insurers could attract customers with smart home devices that generate interaction seven to 10 times A DAY?

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New Sense of Urgency on Going Digital
by Stephen Applebaum

Events have forced C-suite leaders to realize that their digital transformation efforts need to be expanded and accelerated to light speed.

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The Missing Tool for Cyber Resilience
by Caroline Thompson and Michael Cavanaugh

With AI able to assess cyber risk, cyber insurance no longer has to be a long, drawn-out and complicated process.

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Payments at the Speed of Light
by Karen Furtado

Insurers and solution providers are making significant advancements to speed delivery of payments and expand digital payment options.

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