Six Things Newsletter | June 29, 2021

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll wonders if we will see an avalanche of M&A. Plus, Looking to the future of insurance and insurtech; from risk transfer to risk prevention; better models for the next pandemic; and more.

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll wonders if we will see an avalanche of M&A. Plus, Looking to the future of insurance and insurtech; from risk transfer to risk prevention; better models for the next pandemic; and more.

An Avalanche of M&A?

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

A financial adviser friend likes to say that “taxes are on sale” at the moment. He’s focusing on the possibility of higher income-tax rates for his well-to-do clients and for the corporations whose shares are in their portfolios, and trying to get clients to reduce or liquidate certain holdings before the increases hit. But this idea of taxes on sale should have effects that ripple far beyond my friend’s client base, possibly including a spate of consolidation in the insurance industry.

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Tune in as industry experts from Deloitte join Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Expert at Majesco to discuss new innovative products that are supporting changing demographics in a post-covid world. 

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Looking to Future of Insurance, Insurtech
by Nicole Gunderson and Jason Gross

Here are five priorities for insurance leaders to consider, drawing on insurtech-driven solutions.

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Where Does Life Insurance Go Now?
by Mark Tattersall

Between the shift to a remote workforce, and the pandemic itself, life insurance had no choice but to evolve -- and there's no going back.

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From Risk Transfer to Risk Prevention
by Sathyanarayanan Sethuraman

IoT provides the means for evolution from pure risk transfer to a "prescribe and prevent" scenario.

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How to Increase Profits With Connected CX
sponsored by Statflo

Fostering connected experiences is vital to meeting customer expectations and succeeding in a technology-centric world.

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Better Models for Next Pandemic
by Simon Young

It will take time to build an infectious disease risk model – re/insurers must be innovative in their pandemic coverage and exposure management.

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Pandemic’s Lessons for Auto Insurers
by Adam Pichon and Adam Hudson

The pandemic will continue to affect virtually every market imaginable, potentially for years to come.

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3 Ways AI Can Boost Customer Retention
by Simon Pickersgill

Not only does AI improve the speed of crafting policies, the technology can speed underwriting, as well as the claims process.

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A Conversation on Workers' Compensation, with Kimberly George and Mark Walls

As the world starts to emerge from the pandemic, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll sat down to discuss the new normal for workers’ comp with two of ITL’s most widely read contributors: Mark Walls, VP of communications and strategic analysis at Safety National, and Kimberly George, global head of innovation and product development at Sedgwick.

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JUNE FOCUS: Workers' Compensation

The world of work turned upside-down and inside-out beginning 15 months ago, as the pandemic shut down offices and forced so very many of us to work from home.

Now that we're beginning to reverse this process, insurers will have to sort through all sorts of new issues. Here's one: When is the place where a worker works a "workplace," and when is it not?

Welcome to the new world of workers' comp.

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