Managing to the Minute

Fittingly, this may be the shortest column in the history of ITL.

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Sometimes, you get so caught up in what you’re doing that you miss the significance of what you’ve done. 

Recently, we were working with a client, driving efficiency in their claims operation, sweating over a lost and unaccounted-for minute, when Marcin, our customer success leader, said, “Do you remember when we got here and (the client) was trying to manage to the month?” We all laughed and got back to work. 

Only later did the significance of Marcin’s observation dawn on me. The first, fairly obvious reason is that we had helped our client actually manage to the minute. The second, less obvious reason is that the desire to find that lost minute came as much from workers as from management. The front-line people wanted to know where it went. 

Think about that both operationally and culturally.

Then consider that it’s one short step from granular performance metrics to performance-based pay. Why pay anyone by the hour any more?  

I could go on, but in the interest of your minutes I’ll end there.

Tom Bobrowski

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Tom Bobrowski

Tom Bobrowski is senior partner at Skan.AI, market leader in observational process intelligence.

Skan.AI combines computer vision with AI to observe humans and the tools they use as they're using them, in real time, generating kinetic data for continuous improvement of core marketing, distribution, underwriting, claims and customer service functions. 


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