Foreclosing Danger

We can eliminate the fear of foreclosure by deputizing real estate agents, making them advocates of life insurance or insurance agents outright.

Every real estate closing is a beginning, an exchange of deeds and a chance to do good works — if real estate agents and insurers come together. If both groups unite on behalf of homeowners, offering life insurance with mortgage protection to homeowners, the result is a boon for all homeowners. 

The proof is not only on paper, in the papers that insurers issue, but in the peace of mind that homeowners enjoy: knowing that loss of property will not follow loss of life, that devastation among the living will not follow burial of the dead, that foreclosure will not follow a tragedy without closure. 

We can eliminate the fear of foreclosure by deputizing real estate agents, making them advocates of life insurance or insurance agents outright. Either way, everyone wins. Real estate agents earn additional income, insurers underwrite additional policies and homeowners receive additional protection. No one wins, however, when no one communicates. 

Failure to communicate is the cause of our problem. 

We have it in our power to fix this problem: to correct it by working with real estate agents. But before we can get real estate agents to talk to homeowners, we must set our own house in order. 

We must recognize that practice is a prerequisite to preaching, just as attentiveness — people’s willingness to listen to a speaker — is a perquisite of having a calling, of answering the call to spread the word. We must do as we say, and have something to say, replacing silence with words of soundness; converting a stutter of hesitancy into a score of certainty; turning applause into action. We must give real estate agents reason to believe.

Belief does not require faith, not when evidence will suffice. 

That insurers have a wealth of evidence, that the evidence is translatable, that insurers have a duty to translate the evidence into that which is intelligible to real estate agents and homeowners, that insurers know how to translate the evidence is reason to believe in what the evidence proves.

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The proof is in the value real estate agents can provide, in addition to the credibility they possess and the clients they advise. The proof is in the freedom — the freedoms — real estate agents and insurers can deliver. The proof is in freedom from fear of foreclosure. The proof is in freedom from want, allowing families to have the financial strength to live. The proof is in the freedom to recover, giving homeowners the added value of time. 

Time to grieve permits time to rest; time to heal contains time to learn; time to think begets time to do.

Preaching the value of time is a virtue. 

Adopting this value guarantees continuity; applying this guarantee secures the value of a family’s greatest asset; providing this security is a great and invaluable act of goodness.

Real estate agents and insurers share these values.

Homeowners deserve the protection these values afford, which is the protection they welcome; which is the protection they shall receive.

Jason Mandel

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Jason Mandel

Jason G. Mandel has spent over 25 years at the intersection of Wall Street and the insurance industry. Mandel founded ESG Insurance Solutions ( in 2020 to help better integrate these two, often conflicting worlds  Having a strong belief in ESG concepts (Environmental, Social and Governance), Mandel found a way of incorporating his beliefs in his business.

Representing only insurance carriers and products that he believes offer compelling risk management solutions and maintaining business practices that he can support, Mandel has led the industry in this ESG initiative. ESG Insurance Solutions serves some of the wealthiest families internationally, and their business entities, by providing asset protection, advanced tax minimization vehicles, principal protected tax-free income structures, employee retention strategies, key person coverage and tax-free enhanced retirement plans for their essential employees.


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