When Might You Fire a Customer?

For a little fun, this infographic collates a list of the most common personalities who do not make the greatest customers.

Let me set the scene. It’s 1966 in a Clint Eastwood movie where the two of you meet eye to eye in front of a saloon. The tension rises. You want to take the first shot. We feel you. That's how it can feel dealing with a bad customer. Maybe it's someone coming in two minutes before close (because, face it, you have no life!), or it's the customer who insists on taking a call while you serve them. We’ve all been there! It takes a lot of patience to handle the array of customers whom we are confronted with on a daily basis. It takes superpowers! But don’t get mad – get to laughing. See also: Much Higher Bar for Customer Service   We have collated a list of the most common personalities who do not make the greatest customers, for a little fun. Think of those customers like a business consultant advising on best business practices (come on, they’re basically doing you a favor!) We'll begin with the one who knows how to do your job better than you (and your boss). Then there’s the ninja who envies you so much that he wants to be you. He’s like your apprentice, posing as a customer to learn more from you. Slightly more frustrating is the one who is the greatest of all hagglers; he treats your company more like a Sunday car boot sale than actual established business. Just breathe! And the ugliest one of them all, the very vocal customer. He’s angry, he’s loud and you’re going to hear about it. We share with you this fun infographic of some of the most challenging customers and strategies to help you cope. As Clint Eastwood would say, “Go ahead, make my day” As always, please let us know your comments or any questions on Twitter (@thewebsitegroup ).

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