What Tim Howard Just Did for Insurance

As the Twitterverse said during the U.S. goalie's epic World Cup performance against Belgium, he could become the face of insurance.

Tim Howard saved 16 shots during Tuesday's World Cup match, the most by any goalie in the 50 years for which records have been kept. While he didn't stop Belgium from winning, he gave America a hero and helped take people’s minds off healthcare coverage and Hobby Lobby. In his rise to superstardom, he took insurance with him. @TommyTranTV hits the nail on the head: Screenshot 2014-07-02 10.56.38 The Twitterverse focused on Geico, probably because we all would be in a better place if more people could recite the multiplication table than "15 minutes could... ” Screenshot 2014-07-02 10.58.40 Screenshot 2014-07-02 10.58.56 Screenshot 2014-07-02 10.59.16 The 7.5 minute countermarketing commercial by Allstate’s Esurance unit is not the answer, but opportunity might be knocking on Allstate's door, even if just redoes its 2011 take with Howard. (Allstate: Use his real voice this time; we all know what it sounds like by now.) Screenshot 2014-07-02 10.59.36   Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.04.40 Best of all, without naming names, insurance has entered the game: Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.04.56 Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.06.38 Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.06.56 Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.07.33 Screenshot 2014-07-02 11.07.49

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