Top 10 Insurance Trends in 2016

As this infographic shows, in 2016 insurers will juggle priorities: modernizing systems, maintaining profitability and accelerating transformation.


Though the U.S. insurance industry is entering 2016 well-capitalized and profitable, too much capital capacity does not bode well for pricing as new capital flows in, seeking opportunities and driving pricing competition. Against this backdrop, insurers will be juggling priorities: modernizing their core systems, maintaining profitability within existing portfolios, accelerating their digital transformation and cultivating new products and services.


top trends in insurance graphic

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Gwenn Bézard

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Gwenn Bézard

Gwenn Bézard is a co-founder of and research director at Aite Group, where he leads the insurance practice (encompassing P&C, life and healthcare). He also oversees the firm’s banking and payments practice and the quantitative team.​ He is researching how technology is creating market opportunities for insurers.

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