Six Things: March 1st, 2022

Breakthrough #Technologies for #2022. Plus, #insurtech's lasting role in insurance; a patient-centered approach to #claims; and more

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Breakthrough Technologies for 2022

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

The MIT Technology Review's annual list of breakthrough technologies came out last week, and, as always, it's worth a look, both because of the general framing it offers about technology trends and because of some specific implications for insurance.

From an insurance standpoint, the two most directly relevant are what TR refers to as "the end of passwords" (yay!) and the growing availability of "synthetic" data to train AI in situations where there isn't enough real data available. But the other eight on the list of 10 are intriguing, too, especially for what they suggest about how we might be able to build on the technologies behind the mRNA vaccines against COVID to make additional, huge advances in healthcare.

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Lemonade: No Sign of Disruption Yet
by Matteo Carbone

For each dollar of premium, claims cost Lemonade 90 cents, marketing cost it 60 cents and other costs added 40 cents. Feel a little betrayed?

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Insurtech's Lasting Role in Insurance
by David Fontain

Thousands of lines of insurance haven't been innovated in 30 years. With so much opportunity, it's time to think about insurtech as a permanent fixture in the larger ecosystem. 

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How IT Savings Can Fund Innovation

Sponsored by Rimini Street

While IT infrastructure is a business necessity, aging IT systems can inflate expenses and limit the ability to spend on initiatives that will really move the needle for a business. In this webinar, we discuss how insurers can optimize their data centers and generate savings that can fund innovation, while improving security.

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Auto Insurance in 2022: What to Expect
by Rochelle Thielen

2022 will look a lot like the second half of 2021, but opportunities are emerging for auto insurers to differentiate themselves, especially through telematics. 

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Setting Record Straight on Auto Claims Severity
by John Kanet

While the assumption has been that higher repair costs for advanced driver assistance systems features offset ADAS loss-cost benefits, a new study finds significant benefits.

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A Patient-Centered Approach to Claims
by Dwight Robertson

Properly applied, AI produces better medical outcomes, gets employees back to work faster, reduces litigation risk and lowers the costs associated with claims.

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How to Achieve Cyber Resilience
by Rajeev Gupta

If an organization does not have a well-thought-out incident response plan with trusted and tested backups in place, a cyber attack can be devastating.

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InsurTech Ohio Spotlight with Ron Rock

Sponsored by JobsOhio 

Ron Rock discusses how the insurance industry is rapidly evolving, and the importance of recruiting and retaining top software and programming talent. 

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February Focus: Blockchain

Sponsored by Gigaforce

While blockchain has been an intriguing topic for some time now, interest has skyrocketed in recent months. 

Facebook said late last year that it believes so much in the "metaverse" that it was changing its name to Meta. Microsoft followed quickly with its own vision of how technology could enable a whole new sort of world, where our selves are disembodied and our interactions occur via virtual reality. Venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz are all over the investment opportunities in the metaverse, sometimes referred to as Web 3.0. And pundits are making bold proclamations about how life as we know it is about to change forever. 

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Reconfiguring Your Approach to Underwriting 

Sponsored by Intellect SEEC

Learn how you can vastly increase the speed at which you deliver capabilities and new systems - cutting deployment times to hours or days, from weeks or months, while delivering a clear ROI.

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