Are You Prepared for the Future? Truly?

Are you prepared for the future as it will be, or are you still assuming a neat and clean and comfortable life with incremental change?

The phrase "WWJD," or "What would Jesus do?", became popular in the late 1800s after the widely read book by Charles Sheldon titled, “In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?” The phrase had a resurgence in the U.S. and elsewhere in the 1990s as a reminder to Christians of their belief in a moral imperative to act in a manner that would demonstrate the love of Jesus.

Today, as we continue to struggle with coronavirus, economic crisis and social and political dysfunction, I ask, WWYD – What will you do? 

This is the whole you – the individual, the family woman/man, the parent, the breadwinner or the bread eater, the independent or dependent person, the believer or the non-believer, the investor, boss, business owner, employee, consultant, etc. 

The lucky ones and risk takers have options – others must merely play the cards life deals them or commit to a life of dependency. The choice isn’t always ours, yet the consequences too often are our future!

Look at the work-from-home movement. For many, this now is a necessity, for some a luxury and for some a little of both. Most of us are creatures of habit – now that many have gotten into the habit of working from home, will we be willing and able to go back to the office?

Are you prepared for the future as it will be – with transformational change (read, chaos)? Or are you still assuming a neat and clean and comfortable life with incremental change? Tomorrow includes pandemic, social and economic chaos, generational and VALUES transitions, “a house divided,” cultural differences, shifting demographics, the have-nots and the haves with different world visions and personal expectations, etc. 

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The story was told of three GIs under attack in a foxhole. Things looked bad. All three were non-believers. One said, “I think we should pray, but I’ve never done that before.” The others were equally spiritually challenged. Finally, one said, “I never went to church, but I lived next door to a Catholic Church, and on Wednesday nights I could hear them praying in their church hall. Let me try to remember what I heard. Here goes: Under the B number 7, under the G number 48, under the I number 25… BINGO!” 


Then decide: What will you do?

Mike Manes

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Mike Manes

Mike Manes was branded by Jack Burke as a “Cajun Philosopher.” He self-defines as a storyteller – “a guy with some brain tissue and much more scar tissue.” His organizational and life mantra is Carpe Mañana.


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