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Catastrophic Weather


Living in Northern California, I find myself pretty much in the wildfire capital of the world these days. Some days in late summer it was so grey outside that it felt like I was in Mordor. And many nearby areas have been hit far harder. Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful areas in the world, was covered in smoke so thick for much of August that breathing was downright dangerous.

Sadly, the lousy air and the wildfires that cause it represent just one of the many threats from catastrophic weather these days. In an unusually active season for Atlantic storms, Hurricane Ida not only hammered Louisiana (hit by five named storms in 2020, including two hurricanes) but followed through and caused massive flooding that killed dozens in the Northeast. A "heat dome" that descended on British Columbia in June raised temperatures as high as 121 degrees and killed more than 500 people -- one town just spontaneously incinerated. More than 650,000 farm animals also died. And that's just the beginning of the list of catastrophic weather events, even though the examples are only from North America.

In the face of all these problems, insurers are doing what insurers do: helping identify, quantify and mitigate the risks, while making customers whole when disasters strike. Insurers are also increasingly digging further into the roots of the problem. As you'll see in the articles we've highlighted for this month, insurers are focusing more on how to raise the alarm about climate change and on how to make the world more resilient in the face of the challenges that we face today and that are surely coming.

We have a very long way to go, and there's no easy solution -- nobody is going to throw a ring into Mount Doom and suddenly lift the pall that sometimes settles outside my window. But I hope the articles and this month's interview provoke you a bit and help raise the level of debate. 


Paul Carroll, ITL’s Editor-in-Chief


Making the World More Resilient

In this webinar, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll sits down with Chris Wei, Chairman of the Executive Council of the International Insurance Society and a longtime senior executive at Aviva. In advance of the IIS annual forum on Sept. 27-29, they explore how the industry can help drive a sustainable global recovery.


Resilience Ratings: Triple-I Unveils Way to Measure Communities’ Risk Levels

Peter Drucker once famously said that “what gets measured gets managed,” and the Insurance Information Institute is unveiling measures for U.S. communities’ resilience against natural disasters. In this webinar, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll and the Triple-I’s senior economist, Michel Leonard, discuss what the measures cover, how individuals and communities can use them and where the Triple-I will take them from here.



As part of this month’s ITL FOCUS on catastrophic weather, we spoke with Christopher McDaniel of the Catastrophe Resiliency Council on how the industry is banding together to establish data standards that will help tackle the problem.

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What Future Will We Choose?

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Arrogance and Nature’s Deadly Hand

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How to Get Ahead of Wildfire Risk

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