Six Things |December 7, 2021

IoT comes into focus. Plus, dramatic shift in underwriting ahead; premature failure in CPVC pipes; 5 trends to watch in commercial auto; and more.


IoT Comes Into Focus

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Now that we've been talking about the Internet of Things for a decade-plus and have been deploying it for several years, reality and fantasy are separating out. A new report from McKinsey offers some sharp insights both into how the IoT will develop from here and into how companies -- including many insurers -- should adjust as they try to use the IoT in products and services.

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PwC and Majesco Podcast 

Join Denise Garth with PwC's Manager Derek Gale and Director Bonnie Majumdar, as they discuss how carriers must have the right mixture of technology and flexibility in their operating models to adapt to change and meet the needs of their customers.

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How AI Can Solve Prior Authorization
by Mark Scott

Physicians spend nearly two full business days per week on prior authorization requests as part of an antiquated, manual process.

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Dramatic Shift in Underwriting Ahead
by  Denise Garth

With the world changing, commercial underwriting is going to be called on to minimize the impact of complex risk on an ever-riskier world.

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After Finding Success in Ohio, Beam Dental is All Smiles

Sponsored by JobsOhio

Beam Dental, an innovative insurtech business, was growing. With the help of JobsOhio, Beam Dental moved to Ohio and found the perfect market for a growing startup.

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Are MGAs Ready for Next Wave?
by Mark Breading

Without strategies focused on innovation and investment, MGAs could face business roadblocks as a distribution revolution unfolds.

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Premature Failure in CPVC Pipes
by Dan Robles

"Quats" solved the toxic mold problem in real estate, but CPVC pipes exposed to quats are now beginning to fail – sometimes catastrophically.

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Simulator Gamifies Underwriter Training
by Huw Newton-Hill

An “underwriter simulator” program of gamified learning and 3D interactive scenarios redefines what's possible for workforce training.

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5 Trends to Watch in Commercial Auto
by  Steve McOrmond

“We believe underwriting profits for commercial auto insurers will likely remain elusive as the economy opens back up,” S&P says.

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Creating Room for Innovation 

Sponsored by Rimini Street 

What if it’s possible to spend less time and money on legacy systems, freeing resources to focus on developing systems that will really move the needle for the business?

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December Focus: Smart Home

"Even before a commercial version of the internet browser was invented in the early 1990s, the rich, geeky types I dealt with in my travels at the Wall Street Journal were figuring out ways to wire their homes to ward off possible intruders."

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Global Insurance Forum Experts Series  

Sponsored by International Insurance Society 

Over this six-part series, hear from industry leaders about building an innovation culture, leveraging data for success, and more.

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