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November 14, 2021

After Finding Success in Ohio, Beam Dental is All Smiles


Beam Dental, an innovative insurtech business, was growing. With the help of JobsOhio, Beam Dental moved to Ohio and found the perfect market for a growing startup.

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In 2012, CEO and co-founder of Beam Dental Alex Frommeyer began the search for the ideal place to move his Louisville, KY insurtech business, Beam Dental. The new headquarters would have to have access to talent, capital investment, and more to facilitate the next stage of growth for this startup. After selecting Columbus as the location for their new headquarters, Beam Dental experienced intense growth, causing this next-generation dental insurance provider to consider next steps, including where to expand. Ultimately, Beam Dental found that the talent, community, and insurtech ecosystem in the central Ohio region as the perfect place to further grow their business.

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