A Seven Year Itch – Changes in Insurers’ Strategic Priorities Defined by Three Digital Eras Over Seven Years

Read Majesco's latest research to better understand the important changes in insurer's strategic priorities which are fueled by growing customer expectations and defined by three digital eras.

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Based on primary research, this report underscores the market changes and industry dynamics that have shaped the direction and strategies of companies and insurers who have faced an incredible amount of change in the last seven years. There have been more risks, new customer behaviors and expectations, emerging technology-driven capabilities and data sources, more channels and partners and an influx of capital to the InsurTech market. These changes have created a new generation of dominant buyers who are looking at everything differently. The strategic respones to these industry changes and buyer expectations have redefined where industry players stand in a competitive market.

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ITL Partner: Majesco

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ITL Partner: Majesco

Majesco is the partner P&C and L&A insurers choose to create and deliver outstanding experiences for customers. We combine our technology and insurance experience to anticipate what’s next, without losing sight of what’s important now.  Over 350 insurers, reinsurers, brokers, MGAs and greenfields/startups rely on Majesco’s SaaS platform solutions of core, digital, data & analytics, distribution, and a rich ecosystem of partners to create their next now.

As an industry leader, we don’t believe in managing risk by avoiding change. We embrace change, even cause it, to get and stay ahead of risk. With 900+ successful implementations we are uniquely qualified to bridge the gap between a traditional insurance industry approach and a pure digital mindset. We give customers the confidence to decide, the products to perform, and the follow-through to execute.
For more information, please visit https://www.majesco.com/ and follow us on LinkedIn.

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