The Insurer of the Future - Part 9

Employees at the Insurer of the Future will need terrific support: expert systems, world-class knowledge management and collaboration tools.

The other entries in this series can be found here. As we’ve seen in previous parts, the Insurer of the Future will have far fewer employees in pricing and underwriting, in claims, in product development and in the back office. Overall, therefore, the Insurer of the Future will have far fewer employees per million of premium than its predecessors. Many tasks previously performed by humans will now be delivered by software. See also: The Key to Digital Innovation Success   But that means that the remaining humans, fulfilling key strategic and risk management roles, are far more important than they were. They will have to be the very best professionals available. Their recruitment, training, development and motivation will have to be top-notch. They’ll need the very best of support to help them be successful. They’ll have self-help tools at their fingertips, expert systems support, world-class knowledge management capabilities and collaboration tools to ensure they can deliver to their full potential. They’ll be part of a culture that is dynamic and exciting, in an environment of constant change – and they will relish every minute of it. Chances are that, on average, they’ll also be significantly better paid. See also: Where Are All Our Thought Leaders?  

Alan Walker

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Alan Walker

Alan Walker is an international thought leader, strategist and implementer, currently based in the U.S., on insurance digital transformation.


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