Leap Year: Season 2, Episode 8 - Behind the Hologram

A general liability policy can cover a small business for potential claims of advertising injury.|

Leap Year Season 2: Episode 8 by Mashable Maybe Olivia actually learned something about marketing from her paramour, the Livefy CEO, after all. Turns out she was secretly filming the C3D team and posting their startup adventures as a new online series — Behind the Hologram. A startup web series as a plot point in Leap Year, a web series about a startup — it doesn't get much more meta than that. And in both cases viewers are watching these series to see if C3D can actually get their product launched on time. Now Bryn's threatened Andy Corvel's life and kidnapped June Pepper. Nothing like raising the stakes just when things were starting to feel a little more like a regular old boring startup just trying to make the next billion dollar product. It's hard to tell exactly what's going through Bryn's mind right now, but her witty repartee with Remy the Detective was straight out of Law & Order or some old detective novel. But, for all her quick, acid responses, she might have actually exposed C3D to some real potential issues through the videos she posted on Behind the Hologram. It's not so much that Bryn threatened to kill Andy Corvel, that's serious, but something for the police to address. However, the incendiary remarks she made about both Corvel and Livefye could potentially open C3D up to charges of slander or libel from their competitors, or their benefactor. Most startups don't threaten anyone with physical harm, but quite a few have gone a little overboard in promoting their product and putting down the competition. Of course, there's small business insurance to cover this. C3D would be protected from potential claims of advertising injury through their general liability policy. What's not covered? Kidnapping and death threats. That's something the team will need to deal with on their own. So, if the Livefye office is fake and Andy Corvel paid off Derek's lawyer fees, what exactly has been going on this whole season? And who actually stole their prototypes?

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