Leap Year: Season 2, Episode 7 - A Moment of Weakness

A professional liability policy can cover a small business for past acts of their employees.|

Leap Year Season 2: Episode 7 by Mashable A scorned woman, a programmer with dual personalities, a rival executive literally in the closet and a double-crossing brother. That's a good foundation for a Greek tragedy or a modern-day telenovela, or the current season of Leap Year. In a near perfect storm of personal and professional challenges, the C3D team is on the verge of a complete breakdown, and nowhere closer to getting their product ready for the launch. The Kiss continues to reverberate back at the C3D offices and the late nights there are more about loneliness and soul-searching than the all night programming sessions people normally expect at a startup. Bryn's decision to take matters (and June Pepper) into her own hands will only up everyone's stress levels. It feels like the whole team is getting close to their breaking point, especially Aaron. Kicked out of his home and looking forward to sleepless nights at the office, he then finds out it was his brother Derek who's been spying on them and helping the enemy this whole time. Firing Derek couldn't have been much easier for Aaron than telling Lisa he hooked up with Bryn. And who knows what else Derek shared with their rivals? There's no insurance for a shattered relationship, but C3D could have protected themselves against future problems at the company caused by Derek's professional negligence, even now that he's gone. Their professional liability policy would cover them for past acts of their employees. This is important, because who knows exactly what Derek's been up to these past few weeks, or even what he did right after Aaron told him to pack up and leave. Besides, who wants to worry about employees continuing to hurt you even after they're gone? Now that C3D has added kidnapping to their list of regular business tactics, what's next? Jack challenging Sam the CEO of Livefye to an old fashioned duel? Things are starting to get really, really interesting, and dangerous. After the last couple weeks, do you think C3D is starting to lose their moral compass? Or are they just doing what's necessary to survive and beat the competition?

Hunter Hoffman

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