Leap Year: Season 2, Episode 6 - What It Takes To Win

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The C3D team are facing a typical entrepreneurial reality. Just when they thought things couldn't get any tougher, yet another challenge presents itself. Thanks to Aaron and Bryn's spontaneous make out session at the bar, Bryn hopped on a plane back to San Fran and it's up to Aaron and Jack to make the TechStars presentation on their own. It might leave a bad taste in their mouths, but subterfuge is now the only way to win this contest, and save C3D. As usual, Jack smooth talks Aaron into going along and then the fun begins. The sabotage takes many forms, including a Watergate-style meeting in a garage, Aaron as a fake driver and the old glass of water on the keyboard trick. Unfortunately, this is something that's happened by mistake before (the water on the keyboard that is). For example, say you accidentally spilled water, coffee, RedBull or some other liquid on a client's laptop, or even your own equipment. Would you be on the hook for the cost of the laptop and the cost of retrieving their data? Is there a way to protect yourself against these unfortunate circumstances? Of course there's a way to protect yourself. The Electronic Data package as part of your business owner insurance would help pay to replace the damaged equipment, costs to get the data back and any business interruption. A nice, inexpensive safety net to protect against unexpected problems. It's too late for the other teams in the TechStars competition, though. Once again, Jack and Aaron made it through and C3D lives on to fight another day. Their welcome reception back in San Francisco is more than a little bittersweet for Aaron as he continues to wrestle with his conscience. The sideways glance Lisa gave him when he talked to Bryn couldn't have helped his nerves at all. Latest crisis averted. Now on to the next one — will Bryn keep working to complete the prototypes in time, or has her romantic interest in Aaron thrown everything completely off track once again? And what happens when Olivia tells everybody that Derek is a spy in their midst?

Hunter Hoffman

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Hunter Hoffman

Hunter Hoffmann is head of U.S. communications at Hiscox and is responsible for media relations, social media, internal communications and executive messaging. He joined Hiscox in August 2010 and has a B.A. from Trinity College (CT) and an M.B.A. from Cornell University.


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