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Patrick Schmid

Patrick G. Schmid is vice president of The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative. In this role, he oversees products, operations and technology; coordinates efforts among RiskStream Collaborative insurers, brokers and reinsurers; and provides thought leadership for The Institutes.

An economist with a passion for blockchain, Dr. Schmid has worked in risk management and insurance for over a decade, researching trends on important market issues. Working as an economist for Moody’s Analytics before joining The Institutes, he has also taught economics and related subjects at a number of Philadelphia-area colleges and universities.

Schmid formerly served as the director of research for the Insurance Research Council (IRC), a division of The Institutes. As the IRC’s research director, he was responsible for providing timely and reliable information based on extensive data collection and analyses. His research examined public policy matters that affect insurers, consumers and the general public.

Dr. Schmid has published research in a variety of property-casualty insurance areas. He frequently presents research findings to industry executives, industry associations and company management. He has testified before regulatory and legislative bodies. Dr. Schmid is often quoted in insurance periodicals, and his research has been reprinted in various industry-related academic journals.

Prior to working in the Insurance industry, Dr. Schmid was an economist for Moody’s Analytics.

Dr. Schmid has a PhD in economics from Temple University. He has taught economics or related subjects at a number of Philadelphia-area institutions, including the Wharton School, Albright College, Temple University and St. Joseph’s University.