Using Tech to Get and Keep Organized

A huge challenge for many people is simply managing a to-do list -- and apps like Nozbe can be a huge help.

As I work to inspire and empower my readers and those I teach and coach, it is a natural part of the process to share the technology and tools that work amazingly well. I am not affiliated with nor do I earn commission for recommending the tools I use, but when something works well for me I want to share it with you. As an insurance broker, you know that increasing your production and being more efficient with your time can lead to a lot more business. So how do you accomplish that? It starts with getting organized. There are many different technology tools available. For me, it starts with three things: a calendar, a simple to-do list and the ability to take notes throughout the day from phone conversations or face-to-face meetings. The problem for many people is how to compile and manage the to-do list. The problem with most "to do" lists is there are too many items each day to accomplish. What happens to your confidence when you go home at the end of the day and there are still too many things you have not checked off your list? I typically have five or six items on my list each day that need to be accomplished. For my to-do list, I use a great app called Nozbe. The app is cross platform with great apps, a 10 Step Course, and their own Productivity! magazine to help you along the way. With this power-packed tool, I am able to make my to-do list digital and sync it across all of my platforms and devices. I connect my Nozbe to my other favorite tool, Evernote, and I can even use it with Dropbox and synchronize it with my iCal or Google Calendar. To be successful, personal development and organization are key. You have to get passionate about your productivity. I suggest that you go through the amazing 10-step course (which happens to be available in English, Spanish, German, Polish and Japanese) and learn how to manage not just your to-do list, but your goals, projects, commitments and even your emails. You’ll learn about doing a brain-dump into Nozbe, clearing your mind of the clutter, then organizing that stuff into tasks on your to-do list. It’s amazing how productive you can become just by clearing your mind and focusing. Read the magazine, Productivity!, to gain more inspiration. Implement what you learn and begin to see the changes to not only your weekdays and work life, but your life in general. Nozbe also makes it easy to collaborate with your team. We already know that everyone starts the day with 24 hours. We can also be so busy, though, that we get overwhelmed and miss out on joy. The most successful people in the world: Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, etc… have teams behind them. I have my own team behind me. Chances are, you have a team behind you. It's not that we need loads of people to help, but delegating tasks to others, sharing ideas collaboratively and enjoying the fruit of a team is pretty powerful stuff. Nozbe allows you to share projects by a simple email invitation. Team members can discuss tasks and pass them back and forth to one another and with you.  Amazing things can happen when your to-do list can be delegated and improved by the thoughts and ideas of your team. I moved my team completely out of email and into this tool. We now have our own common space to work, so we are out of our email (which is full of distractions) and we can comment on tasks and files as needed. There are many other "to do" apps on the market. You can go to Google and search "to do apps" or you can check out this post by Mashable, 6 Fantastic To-Do Apps for Getting Organized. Whichever you choose, find the right technology tools that will help you get organized and be more productive.

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