How Agents Can Use Gamification

Digital games activate our brains’ reward pathways. Agents can use them to help customers learn about insurance and make each lesson stick.

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Gen Zers are the latest generation of insurance policyholders, and they’re changing the customer engagement game. But agents have a knowledge gap problem: Over 40% of Gen Zers don’t feel well-informed about insurance.

Without the right insurance knowledge, customers will likely make poor coverage choices – and might even avoid purchasing a policy they need. To close the knowledge gap, agents need ways to educate customers about insurance specifics.

One helpful solution: a mobile app that gamifies the learning process.

Digital games activate our brains’ reward pathways, which boosts our motivation to make in-app progress. Over time, customers will better understand insurance and make more confident, knowledge-based coverage decisions.

With a clear strategy, agents can help customers learn about insurance and make each lesson stick. Here, I’ll explain how.

Choose an Insurance-Optimized Learning App

General financial literacy apps are great for helping to educate people on many valuable topics, but for insurance agents, having an app that's customized for insurance education is the best way to go.  

The right app will enable customers to zero in on homeowners or auto insurance basics separately from, say, investing or savings tips. The app should also provide agents with a number of powerful tools to fuel lead generation and customer insights.

Which features matter most? Choose an app that includes:

  • An agency-specific sign-up code. This builds credibility and positions the agency as an insurance education advocate.
  • Comprehensive data collection. Sign-ups should prompt customers to include their phone number, email address and birthday for a fully personalized experience.
  • Customizable learning modules. Customers should be able to choose what they learn about, from coverage types to underwriting and claims processes.
  • Analytics tools. These help agents understand which modules customers are engaging with most, enabling more relevant consultations and cross-selling conversations.

Together, these features create a strong foundation for a successful gamified learning experience. The benefit: Customers gain knowledge, while the educational tool builds agency trust and powers long-term insights.

Offer Virtual and Real-World Rewards

With gamified learning apps, rewards typically come in the form of digital currency, which users can spend on in-app bonuses and customizations. But virtual rewards can only do so much – especially when gamifying dry insurance topics. Customers may log on a few times to earn virtual coins and bonuses. The best rewards, though, have a real-world impact.

To maximize app usage, look for an app that pairs in-app and real-world rewards. For instance, a customer might earn 500 coins after finishing a homeowners insurance module. Then, they can choose how to use their reward: spend it on a fun avatar outfit or save up for a $15 Amazon gift card.

As more customers use the learning app, agents can learn which rewards work best and tweak their offerings as needed.

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Engage Customers at Every Opportunity

Even with a powerful reward system, it can be tough to encourage long-term app usage. But with insurance education, consistency is key. Customers need constant learning and reinforcement to enable informed coverage decisions.

Look for digital and physical ways to encourage learning. In many cases, you can likely take advantage of certain app features (e.g., push notifications and virtual currency) to supplement your efforts.

Not sure where to start? Consider:

  • Encouraging customers to keep push notifications on. The app can nudge customers to log in consistently by sending a push notification at a certain time each day.
  • Sending seasonally relevant reminders. For example, remind customers to complete a flood insurance module ahead of hurricane season.
  • Mentioning the app via email or text. Weave app mentions into newsletters or text communications.
  • Checking in during consultations. Ask customers about their app progress and experience.
  • Offering rewards on special occasions. Consider giving customers virtual currency for logging in on their birthday or policy anniversary.

With frequent reminders, customers can maintain their learning momentum and strengthen their insurance knowledge. Ultimately, they’ll make better coverage choices and can avoid the pain of experiencing uncovered or under-covered losses.

Future-Proof Your Agency With Gamified Learning Tools

Gen Z is the most fully online generation yet. To reach its members, agents will need to provide an insurance experience that factors in Gen Z’s digital-first needs.

Gamified learning apps can be a key part of any agent’s Gen Z engagement strategy. With mobile education tools, agents can position themselves as agile industry professionals that are ready for the next generation of policyholders.

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