A Blind Spot for Independent Agents?

An Accenture survey finds low interest in technology among independent agents, which could impede their ability to provide exceptional service.

In our survey of nearly 1,200 independent agents (IAs) in the U.S., we discovered that IAs generally don’t see technology as the answer to their needs. Indeed, they ranked digital capabilities as fifth out of 12 overall priority areas. In this Insurance Chart of the Week, we’ll examine IAs’ attitudes toward technology. Independent agents’ lower regard for some digital capabilities could impede future success chart Given customers’ changing expectations for how service is delivered, this disconnect—between IAs’ intent to focus on their customers and their lower regard for omni-channel capabilities—could impede IAs’ ability to continue to offer exceptional customer service. Mobile and social media capabilities, in particular, could help IAs offer the tailored, responsive experience that many customers have come to expect and demand. Learn more:

Michael Costonis

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Michael Costonis

Michael Costonis is Accenture’s global insurance lead. He manages the insurance practice across P&C and life, helping clients chart a course through digital disruption and capitalize on the opportunities of a rapidly changing marketplace.


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