May 22, 2017

Future of Self-Driving Cars (Infographic)


Germany leads the race, with the U.S. right behind. Japan, Sweden and France are making good strides, while Italy, Korea, England and China trail.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The race to put a self-driving car on city streets is starting to look like the space race of half a century ago — everyone wants to get there first. Germany leads the race, with the U.S. running right on its heels. Japan, Sweden and France are making good strides, as well, while Italy, Korea, England and China run at the tail end of the pack, but, nevertheless, at a swift pace.

Regardless of who first crosses the finish line, the very existence of a self-driving race proves that manufacturers and governments worldwide believe that these cars will spearhead some global changes. This is certainly true when it comes to safety.

The numbers behind the trend all are truly impressive. Auto Loan Solutions, a car loan company based in Ontario, has created the infographic, “To Drive or Be Driven”, to show what these numbers are telling us about autonomous vehicles.

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Sure, self-driving alerts may flood your inbox, but the odds of your finding some new stat or insight in this piece is likely — and, at the pace that the race is occurring, major developments will come in a few short years.


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