Six Things Newsletter | September Wrap Up

September Highlights: 3 big opportunities from AI and ML; the future isn't just for insurtech; creating the future of distribution; and more.

September Highlights: 3 big opportunities from AI and ML; the future isn't just for insurtech; creating the future of distribution; and more.


3 Big Opportunities From AI and ML

Machine learning can speed underwriting while reducing costs and providing valuable information on why certain proposals fail.

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The Future Isn’t Just for Insurtech

The new promise — the modern concept of insurtech — is a strategy driven by collaboration and innovation rather than disruption.

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Digital Future of Insurance Emerges

Patterns are emerging out of the fog of this pandemic and paint a clear view of the future of insurance, leaving only the timing uncertain.

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Creating the Future of Distribution

Having partnerships and an ecosystem becomes very strategic as insurers expand their reach and presence to where their customers will be.

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How ‘Explainable AI’ Changes the Game

AI often performs its magic with little insight into how it reached its recommendations. "Explainable AI" makes all the difference.

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For Agents, COVID Means Digital or Bust

Survival in the era of COVID-19 will be determined by the independent agent’s ability to implement digitization.

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CLM CE Tracker

Tracking and renewing adjuster licenses doesn’t have to be an administrative nightmare and time burden. Untangle it with CLM Tracker.

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Oct. 7-9, 2020

In2Risk 2020 to Go!

In2Risk 2020 is a can’t-miss insurance industry event focusing on a diverse range of emerging issues and educational topics. Interactive, career-ready, forward-looking, plus the joy of Conferment.

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Oct. 13-14, 2020

2020 IIS Virtual Global Insurance Forum

The 2020 Global Insurance Forum is going virtual this fall! Join global insurance executives, regulators, academics and policy makers from all sectors of the industry for a complimentary two-day virtual forum on October 13-14.

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From the Editor

An Early Taste of Climate Change Disrupting Insurance

California, the bellwether for so many things in the U.S., is in the lead on this insurance issue, with its wildfires showing how very complicated it will be.

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Crucial Technologies for P&C During COVID

The big question – how have initiatives that leverage transformational technologies changed due to the pandemic?

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IN the Know

IN the Know is your podcast connection to the top innovators, strategists, storytellers, thought leaders, movers, shakers, and go-getters in the risk management and insurance community.

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