Six Things Newsletter | November 23, 2021 - Insurance Thought Leadership



November 23, 2021

Six Things Newsletter | November 23, 2021


In this week's Six Things Paul Carroll discusses, do you need a ‘Digital Twin’? Plus, the future of insurance is preventive; digital distribution with a personal touch; navigating the vaccine mandate; and more.

Do You Need a ‘Digital Twin’?

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

It’s become fashionable to talk about how companies need to build a “digital twin” — essentially, an incredibly detailed digital model of the business so they can simulate a range of possible moves and see the results before deciding what to implement in the physical world.

Should you go along with the fashion?

The simple answer is: Yes. And no.

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New Majesco Podcast

Join Denise Garth for her latest discussion featuring NFP’s Head of Innovation Mark Rieder on challenging the traditional voluntary market operating models, new technology trends and the role of innovation.

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Future of Insurance Is Preventive
by Guy Attar

Insurers could use artificial intelligence to identify risks and prevent losses from happening. Why don’t they?

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6 Ways to Transform Customer Experience
by Amir Farid

While agents have been leery, they are finding they can thrive in a new world where technology truly complements their offering.

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Global Insurance Forum Experts Series

Sponsored by International Insurance Society 

Over this six-part series, hear from industry leaders about building an innovation culture, leveraging data for success, and more.

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Navigating the Vaccine Mandate
by Kimberly George and Mark Walls

OSHA’s vaccine mandate leaves employers facing a complex compliance challenge.

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Virtual Captives: The Best of Both Worlds
by Grant Maxwell

If a captive is not an option, a virtual captive offers an innovative combination of a classic insurance product with those of risk financing.

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Open Banking APIs: A New Growth Engine
by Maarten Bakker

The logical next step for bancassurance is to play a role within new digital ecosystems based on open APIs.

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Digital Distribution With Personal Touch
by Denise Garth

In most “retail” industries, customer digital enablement is just a matter of “give them what they want.” But insurance requires more nuance.

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After Finding Success in Ohio, Beam Dental is All Smiles

Sponsored by JobsOhio

Beam Dental, an innovative insurtech business, was growing. With the help of JobsOhio, Beam Dental moved to Ohio and found the perfect market for a growing startup.

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November Focus: Telematics

In all my years covering all manner of technology, telematics may have caught me off-guard the most. When I first wrote about Progressive’s auto telematics program, Snapshot, in 1998, it seemed like a slam dunk. Of course, it made sense to monitor how people drove and to price their insurance accordingly.

Or not.

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Creating Room For Innovation 

Sponsored by Rimini Street 

Even as insurers focus on innovation and the technology that will enable it, they still must maintain and operate the legacy systems that run the business. What if it’s possible to spend less time and money on those systems, freeing resources to focus on developing systems that will really move the needle for the business?

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