Six Things Newsletter | January 19, 2021

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll contemplates Biden's first 100 days in office. Plus, 11 insurtech predictions for 2021; how low-code accelerates change; COVID-19 risk and buyers' psychology; and more.

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll contemplates Biden's first 100 days in office. Plus, 11 insurtech predictions for 2021; how low-code accelerates change; COVID-19 risk and buyers' psychology; and more.

Biden’s ‘Reverse Honeymoon’

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Although I’d like to think that the big news in the world this week is that my sister Anne turns 60 years old today, I have a feeling that there is considerably more focus on what happens tomorrow at 12:01pm EST, when Donald Trump leaves office and Joe Biden becomes president of the U.S.

The tradition is that the new president has a honeymoon of 100 days or so, when his people settle into their roles in the new administration and he starts to implement his agenda. But Biden’s plans to start out with a series of decisive actions suggest more of a divorce from the tone and policies of the Trump administration, and the dysfunction in Washington nearly ensures that Biden faces the obverse of the usual honeymoon.

Although I think the longer term is still clear — we will get the virus under control some time in 2021 and see a strong economic recovery, barring some craziness at the inauguration or in coming days — I suspect we will all be left guessing about where the economy and the country stand for at least that first stretch of three months-plus... continue reading >

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11 Insurtech Predictions for 2021
by Martha Notaras

AI will mean faster, better customer service that is cheaper for the carrier: Automation is a win-win with unstoppable momentum.

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2021, We Can’t Wait to Get Going!
by Nigel Walsh

The change we have seen is acceleration, not true change. We, like many industries, are doing the same things in a digital way.

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How Low-Code Accelerates Change
by Richard Barbarino

Here are three tangible ways that low-code programming lets carriers accelerate change and provide new benefits to customers.

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The Insurer’s Customer Acquisition Playbook
Sponsored by Data Axle

The question for insurers is how they want to address a growing desire by small businesses to purchase online.

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COVID-19 Risk and Buyers’ Psychology
by Peter Hovard

Studies of how the public perceives the pandemic's risks can help insurers understand consumer mindsets and needs.

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The ‘B’ Word: Bankruptcy and D&O
by Carrie Oneil

Although litigation against a firm is stayed in bankruptcy, suits against individuals are typically not. D&O insurance is the last line of defense.

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Has Pandemic Shifted Arc of Insurtech?
by Mark Breading

Have events of 2020 permanently altered the trajectory of the insurtech movement and thrown predictions out the window?

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The Future of Blockchain Series Episode 2: Usage in Commercial Lines
Complimentary On Demand Webinar

Blockchain has incredible potential to streamline business functions and open up opportunities for a wide range of innovations

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January's Topic: Commercial Insurance

Much of the focus on innovation has related to personal lines and that makes some sense: Policies tend to be more cookie-cutter than in commercial lines, and individuals, spoiled by online resources like Amazon, have demanded a better experience from insurers. 
But don’t sleep on commercial lines. As businesses see what’s changing in personal lines, they aren’t going to be left behind. Businesses are demanding simpler interactions and more understandable policies, as well as better prices.

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