Six Things Newsletter | September 15, 2020

In this week's Six Things, 'Fake News' reaches risk management. Plus, creating the future of distribution; how to evaluate AI solutions; you can still have personal interactions; what my $18,289 medical bill says; and more.


‘Fake News’ Reaches Risk Management

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

With all the legitimate concerns about the wildfires in the West, I was dismayed to see that people in Oregon were declining to evacuate because they were convinced that antifa would loot their homes. To try to catch members of antifa, vigilantes even set up roadblocks and demanded that those trying to leave present ID.

Authorities have said that, despite the rumors, there is no evidence of any involvement by antifa in setting fires, and there have been no reports of looting. But such “fake news,” amplified on social media, is complicating crisis management in Oregon. I’m afraid the pernicious effects of “fake news” will only grow — and massively — for risk managers... continue reading >

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Creating the Future of Distribution
by Denise Garth

Having partnerships and an ecosystem becomes very strategic as insurers expand their reach and presence to where their customers will be.

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For Agents, COVID Means Digital or Bust
by Bill Suneson

Survival in the era of COVID-19 will be determined by the independent agent’s ability to implement digitization.

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How to Evaluate AI Solutions
by Amber Sutherland

There are five main concerns when implementing regulatory technology, especially AI technology, in the financial sector.

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You Can Still Have Personal Interactions
by Priya Merchant

The challenge in these socially distant times is how to create real relationships with customers despite so much of the exchange being digital.

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Navigating Security in the Remote Paradigm
by Jarrod Lynn

While companies having been improving during the work-from-home phase, bad guys have been busy, too--and deep fakes are getting scary.

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What My $18,289 Medical Bill Says
by Kate Terry

Systemic problems don’t sound catchy, don’t boil down to one sentence and take time to implement -- but we need systemic solutions.

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